We’re so much more than a House.   

We’re a true home away from home filled with friendly faces ready to celebrate or comfort. We’re a craft activity, a music therapy session, or a therapy pet visit for siblings to enjoy, providing a bit of normalcy. We’re a warm meal shared between parents who just met but will be forever bonded. We’re an essential and critical part of the experience, and each of our Houses rise to meet the specific needs of families traveling to their community.  

We’re family.


Free night stays for children and their families


Total dollars saved by families


Meals served across our four Houses

3 Hours

A family checked in every 3 hours on average


Family activities were provided


Average guest satisfaction rating

Top Reasons Families Come to Stay at RMHC


Chronic Conditions


Complications at Birth


Pediatric Surgery 


Cancer Treatment


Diagnostic Testing

The Bend House

12 Nights

average night stay


average amount saved

91 Miles

average distance traveled

100 Nights

longest stay in 2023

Mom, dad, and little sister Paislee made the Bend Ronald McDonald House their home away from home for 24 nights after twins Holden and Hartlee were born prematurely and needed time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to become strong enough to go home. This family quickly became an important part of our special community. ❤

The Portland East House

13 Nights

average night stay


average amount saved

227 Miles

average distance traveled

179 Nights

longest stay in 2023

11-year old Cohen was rock climbing with his grandfather at Smith Rock when he experiences a scary fall, resulting in a broken pelvis, two collapsed lungs, and more. Mom, dad, and three siblings found comfort and refuge at the Portland East House for 18 days while Cohen received the medical attention he needed to make a full recovery. ❤

The South Waterfront Ronald McDonald House at the OHSU Rood Family Pavilion

7 Nights

average night stay


average amount saved

100 Miles

average distance traveled

365 Nights

longest stay in 2023

Baby Eleanor was unexpectedly born with Down Syndrome and multiple heart defects, and needed to spend months in the hospital to receive life-saving care for her tiny body. Mom and Dad found refuge for over 95 days while Eleanor received the medical attention she desperately needed. ❤

The Springfield Ronald McDonald House at the PeaceHealth Heartfelt House

11 Nights

average night stay


average amount saved

172 Miles

average distance traveled

125 Nights

longest stay in 2023

Baby Callan was born prematurely at 25 weeks and needed to spend months in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit receiving life-saving care for his tiny body. Mom, dad, and two siblings felt loved and supported at our Springfield Ronald McDonald House at the PeaceHealth Heartfelt House for 82 days. ❤

Our Newly Remodeled Bend House

Our Bend Ronald McDonald House House, which originally opened its doors in 1997,  has undergone a huge makeover! The thoughtful upgrades, expanded number of rooms, and modernized spaces stand as a testament to our community’s commitment to providing a home away from home for families with critically ill children. Thanks to the 34 generous donors that helped raise over $1,000,000 to fund this remodel, families with kids facing serious health challenges now have an even more comfortable and welcoming place to stay during tough times. ❤


 Portland East House

“Slumberkins Comfort Corner”

Presented by The Standard

Our families can now experience the magic of a Comfort Corner: a newly refurbished cozy room located in our Portland East Ronald McDonald House. Complete with comfortable seating and bookshelves containing social-emotional tools from Slumberkins (plush creatures, books, affirmations and more), the new Comfort Corner provides lasting emotional support for kids and families.

“In our moments of uncertainty, Ronald McDonald House was a beacon of hope, turning a difficult chapter into a story of shared strength and resilience. Our family found solace within its walls, and for that, we will always carry a piece of gratitude in our hearts.”

– RMHC Guest Family

Across all four of our Oregon Ronald McDonald Houses, we provide sparkling-clean rooms, well-stocked community spaces, and comfortable areas for all, and we are humbled to know that with every free night, we give respite and relief.


Cost to host one family per night


Families checked in


Nightly charge to our families


Average savings per family


Total dollars saved

Meals from the Heart

Our Meals from the Heart program is a staple of the RMHC family experience, and we are proud of the many ways this program fills bellies, offers nutrition and sustenance, and removes major food burdens from the shoulders of our families.


Nights of meals served across all four Houses


Servings of food were provided


Total dollars saved on food

Hospitality à la Carte

Our Hospitality à la Carte program is one of our favorites, as our signature carts roam the hallways of our hospital partners, delivering comfort items and care to families at their child’s bedside. This special way of delivering our compassionate hospitality is truly a day brightener! And we are thrilled to say that in 2023, we proudly launched a RMHC Hospitality Cart inside of Peacehealth Sacred Heart Medical Center Riverbend in Springfield, OR! 


Sweets, treats, games, and necessities were delivered to 3,869 patients and families in the hospital in 2023

Because of You

As a local 501(c)3 organization, we are funded almost entirely by our Oregon and SW Washington communities. Money raised here stays here, allowing us to provide a life-changing community of support for families. We are proud and humbled that the investments made by you throughout 2023 helped provide a record-breaking number of free-night-stays, delicious meals, innovative family-centered programs, transportation services, and more – proving to our guest families that even in the most difficult of times, we are family.  


Number of Donors in 2023


Hours of volunteer service in 2023


Number of Donations in 2023


Raised from vehicle donations in 2023


Generous individuals who raised funds for RMHC in 2023


Gifts from Donor Advised Funds in 2023


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