Ashtyn Ahmadifard

2020 Hockey Challenge Kid Captain

“We are forever grateful to RMHC for allowing us to stay close to our baby during such a difficult time in our lives.” – April Ahmadifard (mom)

Ashtyn almost died overnight when he contracted a serious pneumonia that caused toxic shock and infection throughout his entire body. “RMHC welcomed us with open arms and made us feel at home while Ashtyn was in the hospital for 2+ months…” said mom April. “We went from feeling vulnerable and sleeping in our car to feeling safe and having a place to do laundry and make warm meals together as a family. RMHC met our every need and more. The kids especially loved the toy closet, picture scavenger hunt, playing in the playroom and art activities.”

Today, Ashtyn is healthy little boy and has no long-term effects!