Employee Giving

What better way to maximize your impact than by leveraging the power of your company to support the cause you love?

It’s fast, and easy, to multiply the effort you are already making through some of these great ideas!

Payroll Deductions

Ask your HR team to help you make a monthly or quarterly gift through payroll deductions. This seamless process means you will easily hit your philanthropic goals throughout the year without lifting another finger.

Employee Contribution Matching

Many companies are prioritizing corporate responsibility and will work with you to match your contribution and maximize your impact.  There are many ways businesses and organizations can approach amplifying your gift – reach out to your HR team for more information.

Volunteer Hour Matching

Volunteering is an incredible way to give back and make a difference. In addition to matching monetary donations, some companies will offer a per hour contribution for every hour of volunteer work you donate. Start a conversation with your HR team today to learn more.

For more information or questions about employee giving, contact Anna Williams, Senior Director of Development, at anna.williams@rmhcoregon.org.


Every day, volunteers play a vital role in caring for the families finding shelter and relief in our Houses and through our in-Hospital programs.


You can make an immense difference with ordinary items that keep our Houses running and help our families feel at home!