Third Party Fundraiser Toolkit

Welcome to our Ronald McDonald House Charities of Oregon & SW Washington (RMHC Oregon) Third-Party Fundraiser Toolkit!

We are extremely grateful to the many people and organizations who wish to organize events to support our mission, and hope that this step-by-step guide will help you organize a successful fundraiser. Thank you for hosting a third-party event on behalf of RMHC!

What is a third-party fundraising event? A fundraising activity by a volunteer group or individual, where the RMHC has no fiduciary responsibilities and limited staff involvement.

Table of Contents

About RMHC

Thanks to people like you who believe in our important mission, we are able to help thousands of families facing their child’s medical journey. And importantly, funds raised by our community stay in our community – we couldn’t do what we do without tremendous support.

Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Oregon & SW Washington (RMHC Oregon) provides access to medical care, a home away from home, and a community of support for seriously ill or injured children and their families. 

At RMHC, we work every day to ensure families traveling for lifesaving or life-changing medical care can count on us, whenever, and wherever they need us. Our dedicated staff, volunteers, and donors have made it possible for us to provide compassionate hospitality to more than 50,000 families since we first opened our doors in 1984. We are proud to say that we provide this housing, access to medical care, and compassionate hospitality at no cost to the families we serve, making it possible for them to focus on what matters most – each other.

Today, we are proud to offer four Ronald McDonald Houses across the state of Oregon: the Bend House, the Portland East House, the South Waterfront House at the OHSU Gary and Christine Rood Family Pavilion, and the Springfield House at the PeaceHealth Heartfelt House. In addition, we operate four in-hospital Hospitality Carts, roaming the hallways of Randall Children’s Hospital, Salem Health, Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and St. Charles Medical Center.  Click to learn more about our Houses, programs, or impact.

How RMHC can help with your event

RMHC is so appreciative of the organizers who manage third-party events to benefit our programs, and can provide the following:

  • Advice and suggestions on event planning and execution.
  • Approval of the use of RMHC name, logo, and images.
  • Display materials, donation envelopes, and branded marketing materials (based on availability).
  • Family stories, staff speakers, or other inspiration for supporting the mission.
  • Acknowledge and provide tax receipts for contributions made payable and submitted directly to RMHC.

Please note that RMHC is unable to provide the following:

  • Assistance in soliciting donations, handling mailings, recruiting attendees, and collecting monies.
  • RMHC’s tax-exemption number for making any purchases related to your event.
  • Guaranteed volunteer, board member, or staff attendance at the event (although every effort will be made to have a staff or board member at your event).
  • Access to RMHC donor lists or contacts.
  • Responsibility associated directly or indirectly with the event, including, but not limited to, expenses, purchases, and liability coverage.

Third-party fundraisers can be fun and easy! Here’s how:

  1. Come up with your idea! This is the fun part – how do you want to raise money for RMHC? Please note that we ask that all events being held to support RMHC align with our mission, vision, and values.
  2. Fill out the online third-party fundraiser application here at least 15 days prior to your event.
  3. Have your event! Have fun, take pics, and share online – show the community how much you care by using the power of social media!
  4. Report back – let’s share the amazing impact you made for RMHC kids and families!

Ideas for Hosting Your Own Third-Party Fundraiser

Engage your creative resources and encourage your team to think BIG and have fun! Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Auction
  • Battle of the bands
  • BBQ
  • Carnival or festival
  • Challenges (push-up challenge, bike ride challenge, chili cook-off, etc.)
  • Concert or theater performance
  • Dinner party
  • Donations in lieu of gifts
  • Grand opening
  • Proceeds from purchases at your favorite store or restaurant
  • Sports tournament (golf, pickleball, etc.)
  • Sales (bake sale, craft sale, garage sale, lemonade stand, etc.)
  • Services (car wash, pet wash, etc.)
  • Scavenger hunt

Raising Money for RMHC and Managing Logistics

  • To conduct a fundraising event, we ask that you submit the third-party event application here at least 15 days prior to your event.
  • Prior RMHC approval before hosting a third-party event is necessary. This notice is important as we track all events and donations to ensure you receive the recognition that you deserve, as well as tax receipts where applicable.
  • The third-party organizer is responsible for meeting all local and state government standards and fulfilling all legal authorization(s), permit(s), license(s), precaution(s), and/or general liability insurance required to organize the event.
  • The third-party event organizer will be solely responsible for the organization, operation, and control of the event and all costs related to the event. The organizer will handle all monies until the official donation is submitted to RMHC. RMHC is not able to reimburse the organizer for any third‐party event expenses. No goods may be charged to RMHC for any reason.
  • RMHC must not be party to any liability coverage without prior knowledge. RMHC accepts no legal responsibility and cannot be held liable for any risk, injury, or otherwise.
  • The event organizers are responsible for maintaining accounting for the event.
  • Involvement of RMHC staff and volunteers will be based on availability, location, and the nature of the event.
  • RMHC issues official income tax receipts in accordance with the IRS and state tax regulations and only to the direct donor of the funds. (i.e., a tax receipt is given only to the person who wrote a check directly to RMHC).
  • Third-party event organizers will submit funds to RMHC within 60 days of the event.

Interested in obtaining a raffle license? The Oregon Department of Justice regulates all gaming in our state. If your group or organization is planning to hold a gaming event for the purpose of raising funds to benefit the broader community or a third-party, you must apply for either a Class A, B, or D gaming event license. To inquire about a raffle license for your third-party event, please visit the Oregon Department of Justice Charitable Gaming website.

When sending a check to RMHC, please send to:
Ronald McDonald Charities of Oregon & SW Washington
P.O. Box 4900 Unit 28
Portland, OR 97208-4900

*Please include a note with the name of your event, and any necessary event accounting along with your funds.

If you’d like to drop off goods or cash directly at our Ronald McDonald House(s), please call before you head to the House nearest you:

  • Portland East House: 2620 N. Commercial Ave., Portland, OR 97227 | (971) 230-6700
  • South Waterfront Ronald McDonald House at the OHSU Rood Family Pavilion: 3410 S Bond Ave., Portland, OR 97239 | (971) 230-0808
  • Bend House: 1700 NE Purcell Blvd., Bend, OR 97701 | (541) 318-4950
  • Springfield Ronald McDonald House at the PeaceHealth Heartfelt House: 116 St. Joseph Pl., Springfield, OR 97477 | (458) 221-1362

Don’t forget to tell the RMHC staff the name of your event, and that it’s a third-party event!

RMHC Branding and Marketing

We’re so happy that you chose to support RMHC and want to make sure you have all the right resources to make your event shine! Please note that all promotional materials must state that your event is “in support” of RMHC / RMHC is the beneficiary and is not an official RMHC sponsored event.

When promoting or sharing about your event, please tag us on social media! We are on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter @RMHCOregon – we’re looking forward to sharing the love!

Sample To-Do List

Planning an event is easy if you’re organized. Use these step-by-step checklists to ensure you don’t forget anything that could help make your event a success!

Before your event

  • Brainstorm fundraising ideas – refer to our fundraising ideas above to get started!
  • Tell RMHC about your event by submitting your Third-Party Fundraiser Application online here at least 15 days prior to your event.
  • Check into any safety, permitting, or legal issues (raffle license, insurance, etc.)
  • Determine how many people you will need to help you execute your plan.
  • Recruit volunteers – friends, family, colleagues, or other motivated people.
  • Check if your employer has a matching gift program. Many employers sponsor matching gifts programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees.
  • Plan your budget – both expenses and revenue!
  • Find a suitable location.
  • Determine food, beverages, activities, etc. if applicable to your event.
  • Schedule your event.
  • Promote your event to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors using flyers, emails, social media, and more!

At your event

  • During your event, assign someone you trust to be responsible for handling the donations
  • Take pictures (remember to get photo releases).
  • Spread the word on social media, and don’t forget to tag us at @rmhcoregon.
  • Have fun!

After your event

  • After your event, collect the funds, thank your donors, volunteers, and supporters.
  • Compile all your donation forms and money collected.
  • Send RMHC the funds raised within 60 days of the event.
  • Celebrate your success on social media! Make sure to tag us @rmhcoregon so that we can share the love back.


Will RMHC help organize events?

While you are responsible for organizing your event, our staff is there to help by answering your questions. We have created this Third-Party Fundraising Toolkit to assist you in hosting a successful event.

Is RMHC able to support any third-party event expenses?

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to create a budget and manage it accordingly for all expenses. Make sure you keep it simple.

Can RMHC provide volunteers for a third-party event?

It is the responsibility of the event organizers to recruit, train, and manage all volunteers.

Will RMHC help promote third-party events?

Definitely! We will post your event on social media (make sure to tag us @rmhcoregon so we can repost, too). Any additional promotion is up to the event organizers.

Who is responsible for all liability and legal risks associated with my event?

RMHC will not be responsible for any damage or accidents to any persons or property; we will not assume any legal or financial liability caused before, during or after the event. In acquiring insurance for an event, it is the responsibility of the organizer to apply and obtain such documents in the name of the individual, organization or business coordinating the event. It is advisable that you seek guidance and direction from your own insurance broker on this matter.

How do I send the proceeds of my event to RMHC?

Funds raised by a third-party event should be made payable and turned into RMHC no later than 60 days after the event. Send checks to:

Ronald McDonald Charities
of Oregon & SW Washington
P.O. Box 4900 Unit 28
Portland, OR 97208-4900

Resources to Help you Raise More Love!

Raise Love Online Platform

Hosting an online event? Use our Raise Love platform to get your friends and family involved! By creating a fundraising page on this platform, it directly benefits us – easy!

Third-Party Fundraiser Application

Is your event all planned and ready to go? Tell us about it by submitting your Third-Party Fundraiser Application online at least 15 days prior to your event.