Our Families

Families travel from all over our state, country, and world to receive medical care in our communities. Each child’s medical journey is unique – cancer treatments, surgeries, NICU stays, or more – the reasons that families come to stay are many. Our guests have one thing in common – they are in need of a home away from home and a community of support as their child receives life-saving or life-changing care.

These are just some of the many heartwarming, hope-filled, and inspiring stories of families who have received shelter and support in our Houses.

The Sanchez Family

When Melissa Sanchez first pulled into the parking lot at the Ronald McDonald House, she couldn’t help but cry, because she knew she’d be able to look out the window of her room and see the hospital room where her tiny daughter was staying.

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The Harris Family

The Harris Family from La Pine, Oregon: 1 Visit, 28 Nights When Nickole unexpectedly gave birth to her daughter two months early, she was terrified for her baby and for

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The Renly Family

The Renly Family from Albany, Oregon: 27 Visits, 57 Nights When Katelynn was two years old, her eye began to droop and her vision became obstructed. At first her pediatrician

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The West Family

Ailish just didn’t seem to be getting better. No matter what her local doctors did, it just didn’t seem to help. In her heart her mom, Jackie, just knew something wasn’t right. After traveling to Las Vegas for a battery of tests, they found out why – Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer

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The Cassoday Family

They were three hours from help when baby Isaac decided to arrive. Nearly eight weeks early, there was no way that their local hospital in Coos Bay would be able to help Isaac, or his mom Danielle, when he was born.

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