Send Love Valentine’s Day Challenge

Our Houses are filled with love every day, but nothing can compare to how our Houses feel during our annual Send Love Valentine’s Day Challenge!

Our walls are covered with thousands of beautiful, funny, and sweet Valentine’s sent by loving community members and neighbors showing our families just how much they care.

Want to Send Love? Stay tuned for information about our next Send Love Challenge starting in January 2022.

Send Strength

Welcome our families with open arms

Welcome Bag


Send Play

A priceless moment of play

Crafts & Activities


Send Joy

Make their day brighter

Toys for Two Kiddos


Send Relief

Make RMHC a home away from home

One Night Stay


Send Comfort

Fill bellies and provide comfort

Feed our Families


Send Compassion

Welcome families with open arms

Three Night Stay


Ready to make our families feel loved right now?

Make a difference immediately by making a gift or checking out our other upcoming events.